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    Edited By: T.K.Roy, M. Guruswamy, P. Arokiasamy (Eds.)
    Year: 2004
    Hardback: ISBN#: 81-7033-882-4

    The book deals with a range of issues of current interest in population, health and development. The research papers in this volume are based on analysis of macro data, large-scale surveys and small-scale field studies with focus in different states of India.

    The volume is organized into four major sections:

    • Methodological Issues
    • Mortality and Fertility Studies
    • Reproductive Health
    • Current Issues in Population

    The book provides insights on recent developments in methods of demographic analysis that include human development index, sampling and non-sampling issues in large-scale surveys and assessment of adult mortality and life expectancy. It also examines evidence of Hindu-Muslim fertility differentials.

    The book also addresses critical reproductive health issues such as use of emergency contraceptives, sexual behavior of rural male youth, and factors that influence pregnancy and post-delivery complications.

    The section on current issues focuses on stagnation in urban growth, problems of widening gender disparities and ageing due to declining fertility, impact of irrigation development on demographic changes and the role of members of panchayati raj institutions in health and family welfare programmes.

    The book is of importance not just to demographers but to other social scientists, planners, policy makers and administrators as well.

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