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Population Gender and Reproductive Health

    Edited By: F. Ram, Sayeed Unisa, T.V.Sekher
    Year: 2011
    Hardback: ISBN#: 81-316-0394-6©IIPS,Mumbai

    Population Policies and Family Planning Programmes are at crossroads now. Population Policies are continued to be driven by demographic goals, sometimes even neglecting women's basic Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs. It is important to make comprehensive Reproductive Health Services available, affordable and acceptable to women in developing societies

    This book contains 21 research papers dealing with the issues of Population, Gender and Reproductive Health from seven Asian countries, viz India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

    The book comprises of five sections pertaining to themes namely:

    • Gender Issues
    • Fertility and Family Planning
    • Reproductive and Child Health
    • Adolescent Health
    • Health Care and HIV/AIDS

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