Department of Mathematical Demography & Statistics

The department was established when the Institute was granted the status of a Deemed University by the University Grants Commission in 1986. Faculty members of the department teach basic statistics, probability, demographic models, applied econometrics, applied multivariate analysis, impact evaluation, sample surveys, research methodology, and computer applications to postgraduate students. Researches of the department faculty are mainly in the areas of stochastic modelling, healthcare utilization, economics of healthcare, economics of ageing, application of econometric methods to various health studies, estimation of fertility and mortality, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, survey, and projections. The department faculty includes the principal and co-principal investigators of projects on nutrition, ageing, and time funded by UNICEF, University of Cape Town. Moreover, they are coordinators of large-scale projects undertaken by the Institute. The department faculty members have served as consultants to WHO and UNICEF and are members of the technical advisory committee of various national organizations.

Faculty List

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