Department of Extra Mural Studies and Distance Education (On Project basis)

The Department for Extra Mural Studies and Distance Education (EMS&DE) at the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) was established with recommendation from UGC, New Delhi in the year 1994 to promote the discipline of 'Population Studies’ and its allied areas.
The Department of EMS&DE at IIPS offers an elevating package of learning experiences. It excludes the formal way of learning by combining classroom sessions (contact programme) at the Institute with self-studies at home. Also making use of computers and IT services to provide interactive personal communications among the faculty members and distance learners. Since the last three decades, the Department of IIPS has played a major role in creating hub in the sub-continent for enhancing knowledge and professional skills to the participants in the field of population, health and development issues. EMS&DE Department is committed for imparting knowledge of society's most pressing challenges, and to pursuing solutions to those challenges through innovative and interdisciplinary research, education activities.
In the recent years, the growing emphasis on population paradox, lifestyle and behavioral health as well as concerns about global pandemics, the world needs more educated and skilled population and public health professionals. With the burden of chronic disease and rising costs, the world is shifting its focus to population-based healthcare. Population and Health is an academic and professional field that draws upon diverse disciplines to create a new paradigm for health improvement that engages all key stakeholders that impact the delivery of health services. Health systems in India and around the world are shifting from quantity to quality. 
In view of the growing need of population and health professionals in the society, professionals from all key stakeholder groups in development sectors and healthcare are demanding the needs-based demographic and health-related training programmes. On the other hand, in recent years, Distance Education (DE) has emerged as the most realistic, need based, effective alternative system of education in almost all disciplines. Among others, it is mainly due to its ability to reach a wider section of potential learners whose educational and training needs are unmet cannot be possibly met within the conventional framework of education and training system.
Seeking to better understand the causes and consequences of population processes as well as intensive and need based training in the field of population analysis and interrelationship between Population and health, the EMS&DE Department is offering needs-based population and health related programmes called “MA (Population Studies)”.  

Students Testimoni

Dr. Sila Deb
(MPS, 2014 Batch)
Current Postion: Additional Commissioner,
(Child Health and Incharge - Nutrition), MoHFW, GoI “A wonderful experience to get the opportunity to study at IIPS, with a highly enabling environment for learning. A vibrant interactive student-friendly approach of the experienced faculty along with the warm and friendly behaviour of the staff at all levels is the beauty of the Institute. The library working as a center of information for the student community is another asset of the Institute helping the students to access a broad mix of academic subjects”

Varsha Rani
(M.A., 2020 Batch)
Current Position: Fresher)
“I am elated to get the opportunity to study at IIPS. It provides the required teaching, training and guidance to become a skilled person in the field of Population Studies and related fields. The entire faculty and EMS Department leaves no stone unturned to shape one\'s future. The best thing about IIPS is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. My two years at IIPS have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside. I place my huge respect, penchant and devotion for entire faculty members and the department. It\'s their efforts that make me count myself into better professionals”. 

Sarita Yadav
(M.A. 2017 Batch)
Current Position: IAS, Joint Resident Commissioner
Nagaland House, Delhi
“MA Population Studies (DL) course as offered by the IIPS covers all the important concepts related to the Population Studies and its impact on various development indicators.  I found this course very useful for my present and future assignments” 

Dr. Vinay Kumar
(MPS, 2016 Batch)
WHO, Surveillance Medical Officer (NPSP-WHO)
Jamnagar, Gujarat
IIPS is one of reputed institution. Recently, I got opportunity to peruse my Master degree in Population science. I learnt different dimensions, other than public health which augmented my knowledge and in depth understanding. These new learning is helpful in practicing my day to day public health in more effective ways. I sincerely thanks to experienced faculties of IIPS who supported me during my learning.  I feel fortunate to be part of this reputed institution”

Name: Dr. Nimra Shireen
(M.A., 2018 Batch)
Current Postion: Administrative Medical Officer
“It gives me an immense pleasure and happiness to be a part of IIPS. For me as a Public Health specialist, M.A in population studies has helped me a lot to upgrade my knowledge in various aspects and fields, specially related to Research Methodology and Biostatistics. The assignments were very useful and the books provided are excellent reading material. I am overwhelmed and thankful to the faculty of IIPS for their generous support, cooperation and guidance. I am happy and feel very lucky to be an alumnus of this prestigious Institute”.

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