Examination Cell

The Examination Controller is in charge of all examinations conducted at IIPS. The examination cell is involved in the following activities:

  • Conducting examinations of all regular courses as per the schedule for each academic session
  • Preparing and finalizing results and mark sheets for each semester
  • Preparing degree certificates and medal certificates
  • Conducting re-examinations
  • Conducting re-evaluations
  • Conducting synopsis presentation and viva-voce of Ph.D. students
  • Issuing duplicate mark sheets, degree certificates, provisional certificates
  • Verifying mark sheets and certificates
  • Organizing and conducting viva-voce examinations of students from all regular courses
  • Coordinating with all faculty members to ensure credibility and stability of the examination system

The following table illustrates current gradation and equivalent percentage as per the credit-based choice system:

Qualitative Level Letter Grade Numerical Value Equivalent Percentage
Outstanding O 10 85–100
Excellent A+ 9 75–84.9
Very Good A 8 65–74.9
Good B+ 7 55–64.9
Above Average B 6 50–54.9
Average C 5 45–49.9
Pass P 4 40–44.9
Fail F+ 3 30–39.9
Fail F 2 20–29.9
Fail F- 1 0–19.9
Not Attempted/Absent NA 0 --
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