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The Institute has a placement cell to help and facilitate graduating students find suitable employment opportunities. The cell, formed in, invites institutions/organizations to conduct a placement drive. Student profiles and other relevant details are shared with these institutions/organizations for reference. Interested employer’s shortlist the candidates after viewing their resumes. Representatives of the organizations conduct tests and/or interviews at the campus, according to their recruitment process. The cell facilitates this selection process usually at the end of the academic session every year (April to June). IIPS is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of demographic training, research, and surveys. Several IIPS students now occupy key positions in governments, international organizations, universities, and research centers around the globe. Two faculty members and some student representatives coordinate the activities of the placement cell. The cell continuously strives to provide students with their preferred job opportunities, benefiting both the student and the hiring organization.

The Institute is the hub of population and health related teaching and research in India, playing a vital role for planning and development of the country. During the past years, students from different countries of Asia and the Pacific region, Africa and North America have been trained at the Institute. The alumni are occupying prestigious positions at national and international organizations, universities and colleges and non-governmental reputed organizations. Besides teaching and research activities, the Institute also provides consultancy to the Government and Non-Governmental organizations and other academic institutions.

All teaching programmes conducted by IIPS are research and policy oriented. IIPS provides emphasis on technical skills as well as scientific orientation in understanding research problems. After completion of different courses, our students are confident enough to:

  • analyse, interpret and criticize demographic, health and public health data and research
  • demonstrate an understanding of the essential principles of modern demographic methods and statistical software
  • employ basic computational skills used in the analysis of population, health and development
  • undertake original research projects that makes a contribution to the body of knowledge
  • develop presentation skills and writing research papers
  • develop knowledge in sampling, modalities of conducting research
  • exhibit the ability to disseminate research findings to the scientific community and the general public
  • develop confidence in debates and discussions
  • undertake jobs related to data analysis, health and development

IIPS is well known for its link with different public sectors and established NGOs to develop evidence based data and research input for policy formulation. Constant curricular review through committees, promoting skill building events such as seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings strengthen our fellows in terms of updated knowledge and skills. IIPS has given adequate emphasis on data analysis and field work component in most of the programmes that can enable students to gain valuable. IIPS are assigned to conduct series of national projects that recruit many graduates and help them to get experiencing in monitoring field work, questionnaire development, data quality checks, data cleaning, analysis and report writing. The library resources and IT facilities of IIPS are efficient enough to bring in the latest and quality publications, relevant information of research and jobs in relevant subjects.

Placement cell of IIPS is dedicated to communicate with different organizations/ Institutes for placements. Companies/Organizations either conduct campus recruitment or select suitable candidates through online test and telephonic interviews. Most of the pass out students generally get engaged in higher studies or join jobs in different organizations or work as research officers in different projects of the Institute.

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Faculty Co-ordinators

Student Volunteers:





Pooja Verma

Ph: 8286308407/ 9967278113

Email: littleput9595[at]gmail[dot]com

Devikrishna N B

Ph: 9496043084
Email: devikrishnanb1[at]gmail[dot]com



Poushaly Talukdar

Ph: 8017603390
Email: poushaly98[at]gmail[dot]com
Gomasa Sandeep Ph: 81848 88626
Email: sandymammy0000[at]gmail[dot]com


Sherry Mangla Ph: 9464544581
Email : Sherry.mangla97[at]gmail[dot]com
Abdul Rahique Ph: 8987674094
Email : rahique016[at]gmail[dot]com
Pratyusha Ghosh Ph: 7908434153
Email : pratyushaghosh20[at]gmail[dot]com
Mahir parekh Ph: 8140414223
Email : mahirparekh9[at]gmail[dot]com
Aniket Bhushan Ph: 9599674684
Email : aniketbhushan5809[at]gmail[dot]com
Cawnayen Asarfi Ph: 8637558293,9474160037
Email : cawnayen.asrafi[at]gmail[dot]com
Abhishek Anand Ph: 8503891766
Email : anandabhishek361[at]gmail[dot]com
Sivangi nair Ph: 9560578847
Email : sivanginair19[at]gmail[dot]com
Swagata Mandal Ph: 8585865147
Email : swagata9011[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Email : pradeepiips[at]yahoo[dot]com
Ms. Ayantika Biswas Email : ayantika111[at]gmail[dot]com
Ms. Varsha Nagargoje Email : varsha[at]iips[dot]net

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Status of Pass-out Students


Job Links

  • Two Year India Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Training Programme (Cohort 8, 2021)

    Dear Public Health Professional,

    We have pleasure in alerting you about the commencement of enrollment with Cohort 8 of the India Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Training Programme. This is an exciting, learning opportunity for public health professionals.

    National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, in technical collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, Government of USA, launched the India EIS Training Programme, modeled on the US EIS programme for developing world-class, field epidemiologists in India, in 2012.

    India EIS, is a demonstrably successful, two-year programme, focused on providing hands-on training in epidemiologic service to public health professionals. Trainees, called EIS Officers, are given excellent exposure to outbreak investigation, design and conduct of epidemiological studies, analysis and evaluation of surveillance data, scientific communication and other activities, in preparation for careers as Field Epidemiologists. Apart from enabling public health professionals, to acquire proficiency in field epidemiology, the India EIS Training Programme also helps them to develop leadership skills at the district, state, and national levels.

    The programme has been successful in giving a boost to and/or accelerating the career progression of graduating alumni from all earlier cohorts. For detailed information about India EIS Training Programme, please visit the NCDC website or SAMS website

    Applications are now invited for the enrolment of outstanding public health professionals  for the next cohort of the India EIS Training Programme, commencing in July 2021. We shall be grateful if you could widely circulate details of this announcement to friends/ colleagues whom you believe to be qualified and interested in enrolling for the programme.

    Applications shall be accepted in the prescribed application form, only, which must be emailed to on or before March 15, 2021. Prospective applicants are requested to visit the NCDC website or SAMS website to download the prescribed application form and review additional information. The compendium explaining the India EIS Training Programme, detailed selection procedures and applicable stipend and allowances (in excess of Rs. 65,000/- per month), are also available at the above websites. Please email in case of any further query. We take this opportunity to thank you for your attention and support to this enrolment.

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