Department of Family & Generations

The Department has six faculty members with multidisciplinary backgrounds, including medical sciences. Faculty members have been teaching various subjects, including Population Policies and Programmes, Evaluation and Management of Family Planning Programmes, Social Welfare and Development Policies, and Health Policies in different courses at IIPS. The faculty members are coordinating various large-scale national surveys/studies sponsored by MoHFW, UNICEF, UNFPA, and other international organizations. These studies or projects often have direct policy implications, and their findings provide evidence-based indicators, which are used by governments in policymaking and programme evaluation. Many project studies critically examined welfare policies and measures across the states, particularly for children, women, and vulnerable social groups. Faculty members have authored or edited many books and have regularly published research articles in national and international journals as well as policy briefs. Furthermore, they serve as consultants to various ministries or organizations. Faculty members supervise and guide M. Phil. and Ph.D. scholars for their dissertations. Currently, 25 Ph.D. scholars and 10 M. Phil. scholars are under the supervision of the department faculty.

Department of Family & Generations           Centre for Ageing Studies

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