IIPS has established a security centre to ensure safety in the campus. The security section of the Institute monitors security and safety for the entire campus and its residents, including students, faculty, and staff members.

The responsibilities of this section are as follows :

  • Provide security surveillance at strategic locations of the campus and maintain the entire campus under the surveillance of the security section.
  • Manage and regulate the incoming and outgoing vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the campus.
  • Maintain the campus decorum and ensure that the peace and tranquillity of the campus remain inviolable at all times.
  • Provide aid and assistance to campus residents when required.
  • Ensure that the campus is free from trespassers and squatters and deal with defaulters.
  • Investigate and report cases of unusual occurrences on the campus to the higher authorities.
  • Manage and monitor the access control system.
  • Ensure that the outsourced watch and ward staff are appropriately deployed and dealt with as per the contract.
  • Issue vehicular passes to visitors and to conduct security verification of persons.
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