Ongoing Projects

Data Tables
Sr. No. Title Coordinators Funding Agency View Download
1 Longitudinal Survey of Maternal and Infant Nutrition in Maharashtra- LoSMINM S Unisa, L K Dwivedi, T R Dilip, S Pedgaonkar, P Dhillion, Reshmi R S and Suresh Jungari Internal Funding View
2 Demography of Polygyny in India Harihar Sahoo and R Nagarajan Internal Funding
3 Exemplars in maternal and newborn mortality reduction in India Dr K S James Dr Usha Ram and Dr Manoj Alagarajan Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation India View
4 R4D India: Inclusive Social Protection for Chronic Health Problems Jurgen Maurer, Owen O'Donnell, Sanjay K Mohanty, Sarang Pedgaonkar View
5 Unintended Pregnancies and Abortion in India (UPAI) Study F. Ram, Chander Shekhar, Manoj Alagarajan, M.R. Pradhan and Harihar Sahoo
6 Equal Living Condition of Housing Selters for different Social Groups in Tamil Nadu: Model Village Created for Social Development. D.A. Nagdeve, Chander Shekhar, P. Murugesan, S.K. Mohanty.
7 Follow-up of Comprehensive Nutrition Survey in Maharashtra Sayeed Unisa, Prakash Fulpagare
8 Estimation of Vital Rates for Bombay Presidency in the Colonial Period Chander Shekhar, F.Ram and and T.V. Sekher
9 Health Expenditure on Breast Cancer treatment in Women: A study from Public Sector Tertiary Cancer Centre Tabassum Wadasadawala, Sanjay K. Mohanty, Rajiv Sarin, Sudeep Gupta,Vani Parmar, Sadhana Kannan and Jaykumar Mane Internal Funding View Download
10 Assessment of Quality of Mortality Data from Large Scale Sample Surveys in India. Usha Ram and Manas Ranjan Pradhan Internal Funding View


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